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Developed by a world renowned diet doctor, Plumpatrin's targetted formula takes the hard work out of getting a perfect body. Looking good used to mean hours in the kitchen eating cake, pie, fetuccini alfredo, and other high fat foods. No more! with Plumpatrin, you eat normal meals and take our totally natural, safe, scientifically formulated pill just twice a day. Then sit back and watch your body transform as you become the hottie that you've always dreamed of being!

How does it work?

The exclusive Plumpatrin formula is scientifically formulated to target the areas of the female body that drive men wild with desire. While some diet pills can actually cause un-attractive weight loss, Plumpatrin thickens you up in all the right places. Clinical testing has shown that women can more than double their weight using Plumpatrin for as little as 90 days! Some have even gone from as little as 105lb all the way up to a gorgeous 280lb in just 6 months of use. All without excercise or dieting!


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Our exclusive herbal formula specially targets all the right areas. You'll have a big round butt, thick soft legs, wide hips, thick thighs, and huge soft cuddly breasts. We guarantee it, no matter how skinny you are now!

Try Plumpatrin for 90 days. If you don't have the thick hot body you want, return the product for a full refund. We're that confident that Plumpatrin will make your dreams come true!

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Active Ingredients:
Proprietary Herbal blend 500mg


Guaranteed to make you totally irresistable to men. Do not take if you are a lesbian or if you hate men. You will have to beat them off with a stick and you will never be lonely ever again. We Promise!